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We are an experienced, US-based web development firm helping our clients achieve their website and technology goals today

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High Performance

We employ high availability strategies to keep your site running, even through unexpected spikes in traffic, without breaking your budget

Big Data

We store all of your data and provide access to your data on demand, for a fraftion of the traditional costs

SEO Consulting

We'll help you springboard to the top of search engine results with a top down review of how to optimize your website

Android Apps

We build custome Android applications built to suit your customer's needs

iOS Apps

We build custom iOS applications built to suit your customer's needs

Responsive Websites

We build fully responsive websites so your website looks great on any platform


Flannel Dev Lab professionals have working knowledge in most industries including:


There is no "one-size" fits all pricing as we do custom work for all of our clients. We work hard with our clients to understand the scope of work and meet their budgetary requirements. We are always happy to provide a free consulation to provide you with an estimate.

Although we are located in Frederick, MD, we have clients all over the United States. Video conferencing and the beauty of email have allowed us to work closely with non-local clients seamlessly.

Most likely. A free consulation and digging into the specifics and capabilities of your current website will allow us to make a determination.

No! While we do create websites, we can also work on most backend / scripting needs. Give us a call and we figure it out together.

Sure is.

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Why wireframing is key to a successful website

Why wireframing is key to a successful website

As the battle rages on between wireframe lovers and haters, the key lies in knowing your client.

NIST Password Guidelines Updated

NIST Password Guidelines Updated

After years of making passwords stronger, we can finally acknowledge that we were only making the situation worse.

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